Monday, June 4, 2012

French Toast

Quick post, because I need to delete these pictures from my phone. I foresee a very busy summer, and sadly I won't be blogging as much as I'd like :,,( unless summer school is a breeze, or if I'm not caught up on Mad Men, oh my gosh poor Lane :(, ugh I'm still bummed... 

So Friday night, I got this crazy craving for french toast, so I found this recipe, and figured I can give it a try Saturday morning. Considering I'm not a huge breakfast fan, I would give this french toast an 8 out of 10, yup it was pretty amazing.

you'll need..

vanilla extract
ground cinnamon
..and powdered sugar (optional)

start with mixing flour, and milk..and whisk, until there are no lumps

add, your eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar
 your batter should look like this..

Now for the bread, obviously you can use any kind of bread, but I wanted thick-er bread than regular old sandwich bread, this was the best I got, considering I sent Daniel on an early morning grocery run, I'll take it..I guess..but really, I'm sure thicker is better , oh haaayy ;)

okay so you dip in your batter.. and fry in your heated vegetable oil, sift some powdered sugar over it and enjoy, thank me later :)

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