Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honeydew Cucumber Poptail!

So summer is officially here in Texas, and I want to do nothing but eat ice cream and listen to Barbara Lewis, but since I was bored last night, and Daniel did not let me watch Gossip Girl, me and Ben decided to make these little guys; Honeydew, cucumber margarita Popsicles, don't worry guys we made virgin ones for him. 

: o

I got this idea from a website with different types of alcohol popsicles, I changed my recipe up a little bit, so I'll post the link of the website, but here is my version..

1 Whole honeydew
1 Whole cucumber
2 medium sized limes
3/4 cup of simple syrup
a shot of tequila or mezcal..or three..
Popsicle sticks
popsicle molds..or 3 - 5 oz cups

yes I am shamelessly promoting my uncles mezcal..because not only is it super good, uhmm who doesn't love Antonio Aguilar?

cut up your fruit, obviously with skin removed

and blend.. I did it in two separate batches

after everything is blended add the lime juice. then the 3/4 cup of cool / room temp. simple syrup, real quick if you don't know how to make..( equal part sugar and water, boil, whisk..& done)

I used half of the mix for Benjamin's, the second half I added the tequila..I didn't specifically measure, but I guess this is up to how much alcohol you want to add.. but if you must know..this is how much mezcal I added..

so add the alcohol..I added more lime..and poured into the the molds or in my case..5 oz cups. Froze for about 1-2 hours..

after a few hours you can put in the sticks, and freeze overnight.

these little guys are sooo good and refreshing, that I had one as soon as I woke up, and about 3 more after..haha and this is when I get real mexi on you, I added some chili powder..haha

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teriyaki Pasta

okay, so I'd like to start off by saying that this pasta is NOT authentic asian cuisine..I wish it was, I don't really know what it is..its just delicious. This meal came about because Daniel and I were getting ready to leave to California, and I had random left over veggies and chicken that I didn't want to toss once I got get the point, so I just came up with this randomly..and since then, it has become one of my here it is!

You'll need..

Red Onion
4-5 Garlic Cloves
Teriyaki Sauce (see pic)
Chicken Breasts
Your Choice of Noodles
Crushed Red Pepper
Olive Oil

I start by grilling my chicken, seasoned with a bit of salt & pepper, once done, set aside..and dice.
..Then I grab my wok spray vegetable oil spray, and throw in my diced brocolli, a pinch worth of diced garlic, and cook it, until its dont want it to soft, but you don't want it to taste raw. 
Once I see its about where I want it to be..I throw in my zuchinni..and more garlic! I love garlic..

Once your zuchinni is done you can set it aside..and cook your mushrooms

and lastly..your diced red onion..once everything is cooked everything should be set aside. Meanwhile you can cook your pasta, I used egg noodles..whatever that means, does anyone know? But I've used spaghetti noodles, and its just as good!
grilled veggies
grilled chicken
this is where it alll comes together, once the pasta is cooked & drained, I grab my wok, turn on my burner at a medium heat level, add a teeny bit of Olive Oil, throw in as much pasta as you want per dish..I don't make a big batch of would probably get really gross, and the pasta would get hard..and yea just not good. So I make it individually, and where was I? Okay grab a handful of pasta, a mix of your cooked veggies, some fresh spinach leaves, cooked chicken, more garlic, crushed red pepper, your diced tomatoes..and of course the teriyaki sauce..I eyeball it, but I would say about 2-3 tablespoons per individual dish..

Everything in wok!

.and mix it all want everything to be coated with garlic, red pepper flakes, and the teriyaki

I mix each dish about 3-4 minutes..I like my pasta a little burned..and my tomatoes sauteed a little..but not to soft.

And that is wanna be asian dish..haha. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Camarones a la Diabla

wow, I have not blogged in a few weeks...things got a little hectic at work before we left to California, followed by a 10 day stay in Los Angeles with my in laws and friends. Needless to say we had an awesome time, going back home is always nice. 

So my first meal back in Texas is one of my all time favorites, Camarones a la Diabla! I love, love, love seafood, unfortunately seafood is expensive in Texas, but I am a firm believer that the high prices for seafood are made up in low cost of housing. So this recipe was requested a few times while in California..okay once by Chunk..haha. Okay here it is.

2 lbs. of Shrimp
2 Medium sized Roma Tomatoes
6 Garlic Cloves
3 Tbs. of Butter
4-5 Chiles de Arbol
3-4 Chipotle Peppers
1/2 a cube of Chicken Bouillon
1/3 cup of water
1 Tbs. of Mayonnaise

You'll start by boiling the tomatoes, until soft. While they're boiling devein / peel the shrimp, and mince 2 of your garlic cloves.

 Add the 3 tbs. of butter and your 2 minced garlic cloves in your pan. Once Melted, add the rinsed shrimp, salt and pepper them a little! 

Cook them on medium heat for 20 minutes or so or until fully cooked

set these aside..and here is how you'll make the sauce..

I only use 3-4 peppers, and a spoonful of the sauce, these are super spicy, you can add more depending what level of heat you're looking for. I freeze the remainder of the peppers, for future use.

 roast the chiles de arbol a little

By now, the tomatoes should be soft and boiled, the skin will be torn.
Throw them in your blender, with the other 4 garlic cloves, the tablespoon of mayo, chipotle peppers, chiles de arbol, and 1/3 cup of water, I like to use the same water I boiled the tomatoes in..and blend.

pour the chile sauce with your cooked shrimp, and cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes, just to warm up the  sauce..and that is it! I made white rice and asparagus on the side, Daniel is a white rice freak, that man wants white rice with err-thang, regardless it's easy to make so hey better for me :) Hope you guys enjoy this recipe!