Monday, October 10, 2011

upward over the mountain

Pumpkin Set-up outside of our Local HEB- How cool are the green ones?

I have never actually cooked with pumpkin, but this season I will definitely begin this fall / winter. I want to use pumpkin for anything from cupcakes, muffins, soups, pies and of course my favorite pumpkin spice latte's, now that Benjamin is old enough to help, and has actually taken an interest in baking. What are some of your favorite fall recipes?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Seasons are Changing

Rodarte 2011
Oh Fall of 2011, I thought I woud never see the day..this summer has been so long, Texas has not had a day under 90 degrees since May, finally getting some much needed rain.

so I am loving the simplicity of Rodarte's Fall 2011 Line. Would love to wear the green little gem on Christmas Day. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabric softener!

So I recently found this Homemade fabric softener, I guess recipe... Can I use the word recipe for creating something doesn't involve food? So my 4 year old son has mild to bad case of eczema, he's been on countless topical steroids! And allergy meds. I have noticed that fabric softener and detergents do affect his skin, but I've yet to find a good one, that won't make him itchy and cause break outs, and leave his clothes soft as well. So here is the homemade fabric softener "recipe"

6 cups of water
3 cups of vinegar
2 cups of your choice of hair conditioner

And that's it! Use as much as you'd normally use with store bought softener.

I got this from...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pink & Brown

Since summer is still going strong in South Texas, I compiled this outfit, as my first blog post. I hope you guys like the outfit. Sheer Cardigan
H&M-Denim Shorts
Forever 21-Lace Top
OPI- Nail polish "Short Story"
Wet Seal- Belt
Fusion Beauty- Lip Gloss