Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honeydew Cucumber Poptail!

So summer is officially here in Texas, and I want to do nothing but eat ice cream and listen to Barbara Lewis, but since I was bored last night, and Daniel did not let me watch Gossip Girl, me and Ben decided to make these little guys; Honeydew, cucumber margarita Popsicles, don't worry guys we made virgin ones for him. 

: o

I got this idea from a website with different types of alcohol popsicles, I changed my recipe up a little bit, so I'll post the link of the website, but here is my version..

1 Whole honeydew
1 Whole cucumber
2 medium sized limes
3/4 cup of simple syrup
a shot of tequila or mezcal..or three..
Popsicle sticks
popsicle molds..or 3 - 5 oz cups

yes I am shamelessly promoting my uncles mezcal..because not only is it super good, uhmm who doesn't love Antonio Aguilar?

cut up your fruit, obviously with skin removed

and blend.. I did it in two separate batches

after everything is blended add the lime juice. then the 3/4 cup of cool / room temp. simple syrup, real quick if you don't know how to make..( equal part sugar and water, boil, whisk..& done)

I used half of the mix for Benjamin's, the second half I added the tequila..I didn't specifically measure, but I guess this is up to how much alcohol you want to add.. but if you must know..this is how much mezcal I added..

so add the alcohol..I added more lime..and poured into the the molds or in my case..5 oz cups. Froze for about 1-2 hours..

after a few hours you can put in the sticks, and freeze overnight.

these little guys are sooo good and refreshing, that I had one as soon as I woke up, and about 3 more after..haha and this is when I get real mexi on you, I added some chili powder..haha


  1. wow those sound seriously refreshing! its like a margharita popsicle!! but healthy!! yum! and what a great way to use the fresh summer produce. i'm sorry you didn't get to watch GG -- i love that show too! at least you got a sweet treat out of it though! thanks for sharing!

  2. SOOOOO good I need to make. These are sooo fresh and yummy

  3. These look so yummmmy :p

  4. That sounds like such a refreshing pop!
    ...I'm not sure i'd like the chili powder though...
    Chic on the Cheap